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Real Estate is the tool that has allowed us to be of blessing for another and help them in such a process important as acquiring your first home, or a property investment that is an asset for their families or simply a place to vacation and share with loved ones.

At FGI Realty we do not sell properties,
we transform lives.

Why FGI Realty?



Hundreds of real estate transactions successfully closed with local and foreign clients, guarantee every step we take.



One of the main values ​​mentioned in the testimonials of our clients. We become part of their families.


Customer service

Providing assistance and follow-up before, during and after the closing; taking into account all your needs and desires.


Expert Team

We have the best specialists in legal, tax, financial, immigration, property management, decoration, among others.



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Real Estate?

Visit our blog and find out what Real Estate is and how it works.
Clients Say


Harold and his team at Exit Future Realty know the real estate business in South Florida. They are experts in the industry and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate. They will walk you through the short sale process and explain the details so you understand the process.

Marc Hochberg

Harold and the team at FGI Realty made my home purchase a successful one. He is professional and empathetic; he took care of our needs and gave us the best advice. They worked all day to find the house that met my strict criteria. Thanks Harold, I owe you one!

Freddy Irausquin

I have a wonderful experience with Harold. He solved a complicated problem regarding the purchase of my new home, always contacting us and letting us know the specific steps for the process to conclude smoothly and successfully. He takes care of everything to relieve the stress of this type of process. Honest and extremely professional person, I really recommend him for any buying / selling process. Thanks Harold.

Omar Jose Fajardo Zicarelli

Harold is a great real estate agent who helped me find my dream home I recommend him and FGI Realty

Omar Rivera

Harold is a great professional; It has helped me find a couple of properties and the whole process has been extremely smooth. He knows his business very well and is definitely a person you can trust. I would recommend Harold if you are looking for help finding your next home.

Mauricio Giraldo

Real estate insiders, the best service for everyone!

Rafael Omar Jimenez Cano

Thanks Andres V !!! Your information has been very helpful and we now know who to work with. Thank you for all of your help. YOU ARE 1 IN A MILLION !!!

José Mejia

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